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How much does Soulpower cost?

Send us an email to info@soulpower.biz  or fill out the response form for a quote. Please include the date and location of your function and any other relevant details.

What kind of music do you play?

We play classic Soul/ Motown and Funk with a modern twist. Our playlist is viewable on another page on this site but we have a well honed set that keeps everyone dancing all night and interacts with the audience.  Our music is unique as it appeals to all age groups and so will make an all inclusive atmosphere for any party.


How long do you play for?

We usually play for approximately 2 x 55 minute sets


What are Soulpower’s different line-ups?

We start with a basic seven piece band.  Any smaller and you lose the unique sound of the Stax/Motown sound.  This consists of Vocals, Two brass, Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, and Bass.  We can supply extra musicians for a fuller sound and a female vocalist.  When we provide a quote we will tell you how much the different sizes of band cost so you can choose a line-up according to your requirements and budget.


Do you provide music between sets?

We can play CD/ Ipod over the PA to get the atmosphere going before we start.  Then to keep the energy going between sets. . If you prefer you can provide your own CD’s/ipod playlist.


Can you play during our event dinner/drinks reception as well as providing music for the evening?

Yes, this is something we do regularly. Please email us with your requirements. You may prefer to have a smaller combo earlier in the day (i.e. a duo or jazz quartet) and have the rest of the band arrive in the evening.


How much space do you need?

We are adept at fitting into unusual spaces! 5m x 4m for the full 6-piece band is a good size. A stage isn’t necessary although the drummer does require a flat hard surface.  If your marquee company are to provide a stage it is worth just checking that the stage isn’t too high and therefore the band member’s heads disappear into the drapes. Yes this has happened more than once!


How much power do you require?

We need two double sockets on either side of the stage/band area. The more sockets the better.  We require at least two 13 amp sockets fully rated.


How long do you take to set up?

It usually takes us about 40 minutes to set up, and we aim to arrive an hour before the performance. If you would like us to arrive earlier to set up this is usually possible but may involve a small extra 'waiting fee'.


What do the musicians need?

We require a hot meal when they arrive at the venue and soft drinks, somewhere to change, warm up and store instrument cases.


Do I need a DJ?

Experience has shown that unless you are going to go on until very late a DJ isn’t necessary although we could supply one for an extra charge.


When is payment due?

A 20% deposit will book your date, and the balance is due 14 days before the day of the engagement.

How far do you travel?

Anywhere! We are a London based band and we have travelled all over the world! For gigs more than 2 hours from London we may charge extra for travel and/or provide accommodation.


Can we come and see you live?

Nearly all of our gigs are weddings and private functions, so unfortunately it’s not usually possible.  There are live sound bites on the website and we also have a CD that can be purchased, please ask for details.


What do I need to do to book?

After you have supplied your details and the details of the venue and event.  We will send you a contract.  Then just return one copy and the deposit cheque or payment via BACS.



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